Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Listing!

New necklace on my shop!
I called it the Tiny Meteorite Nekclace because the inspiration came from my another meteorite necklace. This version is a lot smaller and cuter! but still, very cool.
This came up really beautiful and i'm so proud of it :) It hangs from a 30" inch sterling silver chain that goes trough the pendant: no jump rings, no loops, just the meteorite and the chain, perfect together. It looks so cool on, very modern and geometric-ish. It's also looooong and lovely, plus the pendant weights about 5 grams so it feels really great on :)

It feels so good to bring something new to you! i hope you like it ;)
Please visit my shop, The Angry Weather, for more details. Thanks!


  1. just so pretty .. like the length. I hope your little one is feeling better...

  2. Aww thank you so much! she's getting better, but still very uncomfortable with all the nasty symptoms! I truly appreciate your comment Elaine :) and so glad you liked my new necklace ;)

  3. está chidísimo como todo lo que tienes en la tienda!

  4. Heaven have fallen into Your hand! I like that.

  5. Que chidos sus comentarios, gracias!!! you really make my day happier :D
    Princess, what a great phrase!! I LOVE IT!! i might have to use it somewhere, it's to perfect for my necklace:D thanks so much for your visit and the inspiration!