Monday, November 22, 2010

Etsy love

I love etsy. Not just having a shop there but buying there, too. It's a place full of wonderful, talented artist and it's such a pleasure to get something directly from the person who make it/create it.
And then when the postman arrives with all the lovely yellow envelopes it's so exciting :D it feels like Christmas! And etsy sellers are so attentive and nice, i love the little thank you notes, the stickers, the cards, the stamps, the japanese tape and all those details they use to make the packaging prettier. Pretty packaging makes Iveth happy. Oh, and let's not forget the freebies!! yay, so cool! You won't get that kind of care and attention from any mall/shop crap. Buying/selling handmade rule!

Freshly arrived mail from The Seventy Tree, Small Talk Studio and The Black Apple.

Little pretty things from Tabitha Emma.

The seventy tree lovely prints and awesome gift (funny heads magnet), thanks Kerry!

In love with the little details on The Black Apple's packaging.

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