Friday, September 4, 2015


A week ago we returned from the longest vacation we have had in a long while. We went to visit our friends and family in Mexico and stayed there three weeks. We went to the north of the country, from where my husband is and then to central Mexico as the adventure part of our trip. 

It was an intense trip, full of emotion, discoveries, adventures, tears, smiles, food, plane trips, car trips, stomach flu and heat, lots of heat as you'd expect from a summer in Mexico. 

The loveliest parts where the hugs to our families and friends, the meals together, the smiles, conversation, support and love.

There were a lot of tears, too, unfortunately, not of the happy kind of tears but of sadness and anger because there is much injustice in my native country. More than a year ago I told you about an injustice committed against my sister-in-law and unfortunately things got only worse and it all unravel while we were there.

I won't get into details 'cause it's a long story, but i'll only say that she's now in prison, accused of a fraud she didn't commit and her family (my brother and two young children) is fighting everyday, very hard to take her out of there. can you imagine how it feels when your three year old ask you when are you coming home and you don't have an answer? i was there, i saw it, and there's nothing more sad, no situation more unjust that seeing that family struggle to keep their heads up and fight against a machine of the vilest kind. They are fighting, fighting as hard as they can: fighting to keep the children happy, my brother is fighting to give them a smile and help them with homework while he's crumbling inside; to go to work everyday to keep up with bills while the only thing he'd like is to be with his wife. My sister in law is fighting to keep strong and endure the horrors of a mexican prison wondering why the fuck is she there when she's absolutely innocent; they are also fighting to take her out, with a team of lawyers. And I'm trying to help them, too. If you care to join my cause and help a family in desperate need, please purchase something from my "Hopes and Dreams" collection, all the sales from those pieces will go directly to them, a kind, loving, honest family that is in great need of help.

So, as you can see it was a hard time, and like them, imagine how many people are suffering injustices right now. Some countries have hard, cold machines for justice systems that allows only the people who have money to buy justice. Those of us living in places like Canada, we are so lucky, so lucky. Of course bad things happen here, too, but you simply cannot compare the horrors that happen in Mexico  or in so many other countries. All those people looking for refuge, just imagine the injustice they had to go through in their countries to just want to leave everything they know, everything they have in hopes of finding a better life, some peace, some quiet. 

As you can see, my mind is in a hard place right now, so I'll stop here. I'll just show you some beauty, because there is, there is beauty and goodness everywhere, and it's worth to search for it and to be happy when you find it.

All in all, it was a hard summer vacation, but i'll take from it the best I can, there are lessons to be learn in everything, even if right now they are hard to see. 

blue-green cactus in northern Mexico.
Morning light hight up in the mountains and desert of Saltillo.
A cacti struggling for ground in the rocky desert. 
We went hiking to the desert and found a little store in a small village, the counter was painted with a huge Mexican flag and emblem: the eagle over the cacti, eating a snake. The hike in the desert didn't go that well, Amelia got thorns on her feet for stepping on cacti so we had to walk back. The locals at the little shop were laughing at us for our lack of endurance! 
My in laws have close to 10 tortoises living in their back yard. Some big, some small, all so beautiful! 
Part of the Sierra Madre mountain range in Monterrey.
The day I celebrated my 37th birthday in Mexico city. Here, outside the Casa Azul, where Frida Khalo lived and rests. 
Walking Mexico city.
Lazy afternoon at La Roma neighbourhood in Mexico city. 
The little one.
Puebla, Mexico was a wonderful discovery. I truly don't know why on earth I didn't know how utterly amazing this city is! it's one of the most wonderful places i have ever been to.
Huge colonial houses with their courtyards and balconies everywhere in Puebla.
Regional candy in Puebla.
This is my favourite photo from the trip: a balloon merchant walking in the streets of Puebla.
In Puebla, we stayed in a very, very old building (16th century) that for many centuries served as a convent. Now turned to a hotel, it keep the old, heavy doors and round windows that once, were barred with iron. There were hidden courtyards round corners and lovely gardens. 
Eye-shapped window. 
This is the library Palafoxiana: considered the first public library in the Americas founded in 1646. Such a gem, such a treasure! 
Original, hand painted bookcase number dating from the 16th century. 
And here we are, little family. Thank you so much for reading my post!

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