Thursday, April 9, 2015

Heat Wave - Look Book

I showed you the other day some of the photos of my new collection + look book and the inspiration behind the new pieces but there are so many more beautiful photos from the look book that I can't help but share them with you!

I was so lucky to work again with the talented photographer Sarah Emily St-Gelais who captured perfectly the feel of my new collection through her lens. And I feel also very fortunate to have worked with an amazing team of lovely, lovely young women that helped me making everything perfect for the photos: Sara Emily as I told you before, Sarah Ladouceur worked her make-up magic; Katherine Berthelot was our beautiful model; All the gorgeous clothing you see is designed and made by Zoe G Kocsis which styled the shoot and Siam Obregon made a little video to document our adventures.

I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have worked with these girls. Their energy, advice, kind words and time were such that I feel humble and grateful to the creative community I live in and to their amazing kindness. Please, if you are reading this, check out their work, they are amazing and so talented, such bright minds!

For the look book, I wanted something simple, fresh, beautiful and uncomplicated to truly bring out the feel of the collection. And now, the look book!

Click on the photos to shop/learn more details about the Heat Wave collection.

Thanks so much for checking out my look book, I hope you like it as much as I do!


Jewellery: The Angry Weather
Photography: Sarah Emily St-Gelais
Make up: Sarah Ladouceur
Clothing: Zoe G Kocsis
Model: Katherine Bertehlot


  1. Hi Iveth,

    The Main MTL is writing an upcoming preview for POP Puces, and we were wondering if we could use one of your Flickr photos as the feature image ( or It's a non-sponsered preview to promote Spring POP. Let us know!