Monday, March 23, 2015

Heat wave

The ways creativity hits you sometimes is quite amazing. I always find myself inspired by many things, as I'm sure every body does: you are reading a book, travelling, listening to a song, walking on the street, you find a beautiful branch or simply washing the dishes and then it hits you, bam! an idea that is full of possibilities.

Many months ago I was sleeping one night and I was dreaming: in my dream I was sitting on my bench, busy making a pair of earrings. The earrings were roundish, they were golden and on top of the gold piece there was a detail made of a silver metal that contrasted so nicely with the gold. The silver detail had this wavy shape on the bottom and they looked beautiful. First thing I did when I woke up was to run, open my sketch book and start drawing what I remembered. To my big surprise the following night the same happened, this time in my dream I was making a ring using the gold/silver material, just a simple band. Based on the earrings design/mix of metals I designed my new collection and when I was doing so, my awe was great as to the way everything had came, this unconscious idea, this unexpected gift from a dream. And now the collection is finished and I'm ready to show it and offer it to you! 

About dreams.
I couldn't be happier at how things came up: many dreams came to reality, not just literal dreams. One of them, to make a big necklace. The Heat Wave necklace is bigger than any necklace I've done before. I encounter a big problem when I was making it: I couldn't solder it with my torch, it wasn't potent enough. You see I have a portable torch, not a proper, professional one. The only solution is taking the big pieces of the necklace to a local studio so they can help me out with the soldering. This is opening new possibilities as I'm planning now on improving my work space to be able to get a decent torch at last and then I'll make it entirely at my studio!

Heat wave.
Once I sat at my bench to start making collection, all the colours and shapes started to make me think of the south of Mexico where I grew up: of the sun, the heat; I started seeing the shapes as metal melting and immediately started calling the collection 'heatwave'. For me this was a temporary name, something that came to my mind but I wanted to put it a name that reflected the way the collection was conceived but never came to think of anything and each day Heatwave grew more on me, now I believe it captures the feel of the collection entirely. 

So here it is, the work of a year at last available for you all to see and enjoy. I hope you love it as much as I do!

The rings.
I made three different rings for this collection: The heatwave, the Sunrise and the Sunset ring. 

The heat wave is just a big band that's tall on the front and gradually shortens on the back with a nice v detail. The Sunrise ring features a wavy design on the front, sort of like a little crown. And the Sunset features a round shape on the front. They can be worn with the design up or down, looks pretty cool both ways! All rings come in silver and brass.

The bracelet.
The cuff bracelet is made of brass but it also can be done in silver. It features a wavy design on the front of the bracelet and it's perfect to stack with other bracelets! 

The earrings: 
The earrings, oh the earrings! I just love them. Not only because they were the origin of the collection and the subconscious gifts of my sleepy mind but because the shape and contrasts are beautiful. They are made of brass ans sterling silver.

The necklaces: 
I made two necklaces, one is the Heat Wave necklace, a core to the collection and the other is the carved necklace. I originally planned to make a pair of earrings to complement this necklace but couldn't find the time, maybe in the future! This necklace is a long beauty that features a simple U shape for pendant and I carved a little line pattern on it. It's very simple, very minimalist and a fave of mine! 

Coming up next, I'll show you the rest of the photos of my lookbook that were shoot by Sarah-Emily St-Gelais and an amazing team that I can't wait to let you know of! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your amazing support! 


Photo credits: product shoots by me and model shoots by Sarah Emily St-Gelais. Make up by Sarah Ladouceur, Clothing by Zoe G Kocsis and model is Katherine Berthelot.


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  2. That's really compelling jewelry, especially with how the pieces play with unlikely angles and shapes. There's also a starkness to everything, which makes them all the more visually striking. You've got quite a dreamscape in your mind for being able to think of these things. Cheers!

    Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert

    1. Thank you so much for your words Ricky! it's wonderful to read such a compelling review!