Friday, September 12, 2014

Media event for Etsy: Made in Canada Montreal

Super adorable welcome sign Cara Carmina made for us! 

Last Wednesday we invited some of our favourite bloggers/media for tea at Ma Douce Moitie cafe to let them know about the exciting things we are planning for Etsy: Made in Canada. It was a great experience and we had such a lovely time chatting away with them and just having a good time promoting the market.

I was so nervous at first because I'm super awkward when it comes to talk to may people at the same time but the ambiance was very relaxing and the attendees were so enthusiastic and kind that all nervousness fade away and I just was so happy and chatty, haha!

Talking to the media were some of the organizers of the show like Sabine Pouquet, Michelle Beausejour and I. Also, we were lucky enough to be accompanied by three of our Etsy: made in Canada Montreal vendors: Norma from Cara Carmina, Tiffany from Twill and Print and Julie from Lilipop that shared their experiences as Etsy sellers and why they look forward to the show. 

Here are some of the photos Tina Rayna took at the media event, I hope you enjoy them!! 

Mariloui Poliquin from Vagabonde.
From Les joailliers du dimanche: Lidia, Sabine and Louise
Julie Lauzon from Lilipop; Tiffany Kerr from twill and Print; Sabine Pouquet from Les joailliers du dimanche;  Norma Andreu from Cara Carmina; Michelle Beausejour & me, head organizers of Etsy: made in Canada Montreal!
 All images by Tina Rayna

I want to say a BIG thank you to the lovely bloggers that came to our event! it was delightful to talk to you! Also, a BIG thanks to Deborah from Ma douce Moitie cafe for letting us use their restaurant for this event and for the delicious cupcakes and cake pops she made specially for us.

Stay tuuuuuned, the market is just two weeks away and we look forward to see you!!! 

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Thank you and see you soon!

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