Monday, September 8, 2014

Des Enfantillages, AKA my new obsession.

I hate to be partial but I have a new obsession and it is called Les Enfantillages. I got to know their work because they applied to be part of the Etsy: Made in Canada market and well, it was love at first sight.

Des Enfantillages made the kind of toys a person like me remembers playing with as a child but cooler, WAY COOLER.  I mean, a modern, minimalist-style jump rope in "skipping salmon" colour, YES! Or a pompom slingshot in polka dots, PLEASE! What about building blocks "wooden house in a bag" YEAH! And then all this handmade in Montreal, that's what dreams are made of.

Geneviève Lugaz and Christian Laforge (the creators behind Des Enfantillages) just about brought to me all those childhood memories all over again, and I'm liking it.

And if you are in Montreal then you are lucky because you can come see them and buy their toys at our Etsy: Made in Canada market, yay! And if you are not of the lucky ones, don't fret: they have an online shop as well. You are welcome.

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