Monday, March 17, 2014

Back Home.

We were away, yes we were. Husband had work/things to do in Massachusetts and the little one and I tagged along. We spent most of our time in suburban Boston, going to Whole Foods market (and wishing we had one in Montreal) and doing just a tiny bit of shopping (got myself an awesome pair of running shoes! hopefully I'll get to use them plenty this year). A couple of days me and the little one took the train downtown and visited museums, the Boston Public library (which is so, so beautiful) and the neighbourhood of Back Bay, one of my favourites because of its beautiful architecture. Most days were almost as cold as Montreal but a lot less snowy and that fact was well welcomed :) On the last weekend we visited the aquarium, we have been there many times but I love it so much and of course, the little one, too. Then we visited Boston's North End neighbourhood for the first time and I was enchanted, so beautiful! We ate Italian food at a small restaurant called 'Locale' it was modern but cozy and the people that attended the place were so nice and the pizza was absolutely delicious! And then we went to Salem. This little city was always on my to-visit list and maybe I had high expectations but I didn't enjoyed it as much, but as I said, maybe it was just because of high expectations. We had a charming time there, though! ate delicious tacos at 'Comida' restaurant, learned a bit more about the witch trials and spend a bit of time by the sea, enjoying the sunlight and the warmth of the day. Then we came back home, slowly as we pass across a storm in New Hampshire, it helped us keep well awake and alert!

And as the last couple days we were there were sooo warm, it created certain illusion in my mind that made me think I was about to jump into spring any minute but then we arrived in Montreal and the illusion was gone: it's so cold, so cold. Maybe it feels colder because I had spring in my mind. Anyways, cold or not, it feels so good to be home again and rest in my bed, getting a bit of rest (because we catch a cold) before wrapping myself around work again. Well, actually now I'm about to finish packing orders so the task has begun :)

How are you? is it looking like spring already where you are?

Have a lovely week!

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  1. It got chilly here again too. I am glad you had a great time visiting my home state. Your pictures make it look even more lovely. It is quite charming.