Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Mountain Necklace

A little while ago I was asked by a lovely customer to make her a couple of Mountain necklaces that were just like my Mountain earrings. And although it's not the first time I thought about making my mountain into a necklace I encounter the same fear about the durability of the delicate dual polishing effect on my Mountains on a pendant which is touched, rubbed and scratched more often than earrings. So we came out with the idea of using layers and oxidization to clearly mark the lines and make the contrasts on this piece to endure. The results were pretty awesome and I'm completely in love with these necklaces!

Now, let me tell you something: I'm not usually fond of custom works BUT before you let your mind wander on that, I gotta tell you that when the right custom request comes along, I absolutely love making it possible for my costumers! What I love to make are their visions of my own work, you know? like what their own minds and fancy get when they see what I do and when they admire my style. Whenever that connection happens between my customer and my work, I cherish it and enjoy so much to hear about their vision + trying to make it possible.

Been very lucky lately in the custom request department: I also got a request by one of the singers I admire the most to make a necklace for another amazing singer I admire, it was awesome! I'll share some photos of that work soon.

What do you think of the Mountain necklace? are you loving it? would you like it to make and appearance on my shop? Thanks!!



  1. Sepárame uno :)

    Tus fotos cada día son mejores !!! Te mando abrazos tontilla !!


  2. this mountain necklace is beautiful!

  3. I adore these necklaces! Please put them in your shop!

  4. Where can I get one?! I've been searching for something like this all week!