Monday, February 24, 2014


Illustration by Yelena Brysenkova

I'm about to launch a very special collection and I am super happy to show it to you but first I want you to know more about it, because this new collection has two very important purposes: one, it intends to make the person who wears it happy, and two, it is created in the hopes of helping some very special people in my life. 

Some weeks ago, an unfortunate event took place in my family, thank goodness it was nothing to be sad about, just angry, because it's anger you first feel when something unjust happen to innocent people and when there's not much you can do about it. I tell you that, putting aside the hardship that is having my family away, I feel very lucky to have left Mexico almost a decade ago. 

So here's what happened: After finding hard to work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and taking care of two young children, my brother and sister-in-law decided one should stay home with the kids and the other will go to work. Having worked for a company for several years, my sister-in-law was the one whose job seemed more stable and so my brother would stay with the kiddos. Everything went good until a couple weeks ago the company she worked for had a security breach an a fraud was committed among their employees. Without making a proper investigation, they accused my sister-in-law to be responsible of this fraud, threatened her, humiliated her and let her go of the job without any payment. She is a honest, hard working person and by no means she was involved in the situation. As the only source of income of the family was cut short, came lawyer bills to pay to be able to defend themselves and not to mention all the household expenses and the anguish of the situation, they are having a really hard time. As I told you before the first thing I felt was much anger and despair, I was worried, you know and once again disappointed of my own country and the disgusting work practices of so many employers, low ethic lawyers and social injustice everywhere. And as hard as it was to keep that awful feeling out of my head, my mind cleared up and then came hope. Hope because I know that even when the sky is darkest there's always light up there and eventually we'll see it, specially when you have a kind word from the ones you love and strength to carry on and find calm, happiness, stability, security, health, acceptance or what ever you look for. 

The only way I can help them beside being there to talk is to put my hands to work and offer them a little financial support while they find jobs and this problem gets resolved. So I decided to focus in the positive things and make a little collection where the sales of the jewelry will go towards them. My brother's two year old daughter name is Luna, which stands for Moon in Spanish and from there the collection was born in my head. It's all related: the moon, stars, the night, the light. 

I'll launch the collection very soon, I hope you love it! And if you love it enough to purchase a pair of earrings or a necklace, I'll be forever grateful for your kindness and not just me, but a little fun and loving family in northern Mexico :)

Thanks for reading this!

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