Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Image via Mayi Carles' blog Heartmade.

I'm so happy The Angry Weather was featured yesterday at Heartmade blog!!
This is the blog of my dear fellow etsiand and friend Mayi Carles (even when we have never meet, i feel like i know her for years, she's a sweetheart!).
She posted a super cute entry about Accessories and was so nice to include my Rainy Cloud Studs!
A super talented artist, Mayi has a great eye for finding super cool stuff. Her blog is a treat for the eye and her handmade/ecofriendly products are divine.
Visit this link to take a peek on the world of Mayi Carles and the beautiful things she make!

Image via Heartmade blog.

Image via Heartmade blog
Here's Mayi showing her beautiful creations


  1. you are the sweetest etsy friend anyone can have :)



  2. Aww thanks Mayi, i'm SO glad we got to know each other :D