Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tree of life. And some cute birds too.

This is a pendant i made for my friend Ale (AKA gachita-miñiñi) and she just received it this morning!
I promised to create this pendant for her since December and it took me a while to organize myself and make it, but now it's done and delivered to her!
Was the waiting time worth it miñiñi? I hope so!
I enjoyed a lot making it, and was so proud of myself when i finished sawing the entire tree and birds with just one saw blade!! Maybe this doesn't make any sense to you but, believe me, those little saw blades are so delicate and a pain in the ass when they break (and they brake often), and this piece was a lot of sawing.
I also made the bag with the embroidered tree so she can put little treasures inside :)
Ale: I really hope you enjoy it for years and years to come. Love ya

Cute little bag and cool little tree.


  1. Esto es muy bello...y la bolsita tambien...Que bueno que Ale ya recibio su paquete tambien..
    Saludos Ale y seguro se te vera hermosooo!!..♥

  2. Iveth .. soy la mas feliz!!!!!!!!!
    te quiero muchooooooooooooo
    me encanto :)

  3. Que alegria minini! Usalo mucho mucho, jejejeje.
    Con que tipo de cadena lo vasa usar? se veria chida una larga!
    Besos minini, yo tambor te quiero.