Monday, March 22, 2010

Hottest recipe competition

Here i am again with another recipe  for a competition on Recipelook!
This recipe is called Mangonada and is kind of a dessert, or like a slush. We eat it (or may i say drink it? you can do both) on a hot day because it's very refreshing. Its main ingredients are mangoes and chamoy sauce, which is a sauce made from apricots and chillies and other stuff i don't know. It can be very spicy,depending on how much chilli powder and chamoy you put on it.
This is one of the things i miss from Mexico, to be able to go for a mangonada every time i want. I'm a mangonada junkie and when i was a little girl my mom got mad when she catch me eating one because is not the healthiest thing you can do to your tummy!
Too much citric acid and chilli.
Anyways, i want one like, now.

The competition is called Hottest Recipe and Tom from recipelook says:

'We are expecting hot stuff from you, and that means either literally, involving all sorts of spices, or it could be a dish linked to the hottest moment of your life. The theme is hot, whatever that means to you. In any case, send a little written anecdote along with your drawings, or better yet make the story part of your drawing, and it might help win you some votes.'

There will be a prize too!

How cute :)
I'm sure some friends of mine would be able draw very hot recipes ;)


  1. OOO! This sounds great! You should make a book of all your recipes! I hope you win!

  2. Me voy a piratear tu receta!!!!!!
    yummiiiiiiiiiii ;)

  3. This is wonderful! I want this illustration for my kitchen! I just discovered the joy of mangonada and posted about it, using your illustration and a link back to your blog.