Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Attempting to grow things from seeds

I've never been much of a green thumb, wait, I've got to correct that before I continue because what I've always been is a plant killer which is nothing close to a green thumb. I love plants so much and I always try and try to make them happy but somehow they just hate me and prefer to die. A year ago we moved to a place where we have a small green area on the back of the apartment and since then I can't stop dreaming about having a garden of my own. 

I started to buy plants like less than a year ago and surprisingly some of them have survived and although they seem a bit pale and on the not-so-happy side, they are alive! And I'm determined to make them love me.

Having said all this, I was utterly surprised at myself when I agreed with my husband to buy some seeds and attempt to have a proper garden this year. I did not do any research on planting or growing things to be honest, I just bought the damned seeds and dirt and stuff and planted the seeds accordingly to the seed package. 

A couple days after having done that I was oh-so excited about thinking of my future garden and also I started to be curious about my seeds and I went straight to search more about planting on the internet. The little I read was enough to give me a major head ache and disappointment, I mean, who new growing things from seeds was such a hard thing! I was sure it was like, just throwing the things on the dirt, watering them and transplanting them to my garden once they were strong enough but no: I have to be worried about heat, light, spacing, humidity, and what-not. Yes, I know that sounds pretty logical but as I'm nothing of a green thumb I'm now sure my seedlings will have a hard time making it. I'll try to make them strong and happy, don't get me wrong, but I don't want to keep my expectations high: I'll just be happy if I can make one grow to a full plant.

But it's hard not to dream now that they are sprouting out :)

This is what I've planted so far: tomatoes, jalapeno pepper, zinnias and lupins. I still have tons of flower seeds but I didn't planted those because I need to wait and plant them directly on the garden when is not cold outside anymore. Or something like that.

Do you have any advise for successfully growing plants? I'll appreciate it so much if you share your advice with me on the comments. Thank you!!!

Have a lovely day :)



  1. Aw, beautiful, so symbolic of new beginnings and hope! You'll see, practice makes perfect -- your garden will blooming before you know it :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm feeling more positive and I think things will work out :D and it feels already so great to see all those seedlings grow!

  2. I am as excited for you as I was the first time I sowed seeds. I was a young girl. I planted pinto beans near our propane tank and next to the front door steps. They grew. Beans appeared. My mom cooked them and I ate them all. Food never tasted so good.

    Food tastes so much better when you grow your own. That includes herbs. I plant as many flowers from seeds as I do edibles. Watching seeds come to life is magical. I used to draw and paint the stages from seed to fruit. :) I still get a major rush when I see what comes up in my gardens. It makes me feel like I am a co-creator. :)

    Don't give up. Most growing things do well on they own, and need a minimum of care. They are a lot like children. They need love and attention to instincts. When they are ill, seek help. :)

    1. Hi!

      What a lovely comment, you are giving me so much hope and I'm feeling I can do this! or my plants can!! thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely advice :D! xx

  3. Great Job!! Is that an egg carton I see that you used for planting?? May I ask you how you spouted your Jalapenos?? Keep up the growing!! Its so much fun, I been doing it for a year now, and I get so excited when something spouts on me. As I was the same way as you, a plant killer. Pratice makes the difference.