Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bits from the studio after a very productive weekend

A month ago I was complaining about how slow sales were; now I'm so scared with the amount of work I have! particularly because I have two upcoming craft fairs (exciting!): one at the end of this month and the other on December.

Last weekend I was extremely productive and managed to make lots of pretty jewels :) As you can see on the photos, I made my thunder necklace in 14k gold, it looks so lovely. And my favorite is the desert rock stacked rings in gold and oxidized silver, they look gorgeous!

Now what I need to do is to photograph them and post them on my Etsy shop :) Oh, and the lovely rainbow bracelet above, I made it as a special order for a lovely costumer, I'm really happy with the results!

Last but not least, the lovely postcard you see on the first image (from Audrey Jeanne) is a gift from my sweet friend Clemece, I love it! thanks Clemence!!!

I hope you have a great week :D


  1. It's Beautiful. Me encanta como se ve tu estudio. Yo tambiƩn estoy trabajando mucho pq tengo dos craft fair, ya veremos que tal nos va...Exito!!!

  2. really liking that thunderbolt necklace in gold! good stuff!

  3. love these photos for a little peek into your studio! your work is amazing. and doesn't it always seem that all the business seems to show up at once and totally overwhelm you! oh well, i'll take too much work over not enough any day :)

  4. Wow you have been a busy little bee... so much work to be done. Craft shows always take so much time, to make, price and set up, buts its worth it when someone takes home an item they love so much.


  5. Elina: thank you!!

    Yari: good luck with your craft fair!

    Jody: I'm so glad you liked the little tour ;D and yes, you are totally right, I'll try to stop worrying and just enjoy all the work :D

    Kim: To meet the people who buys what I do is completely priceless, I'm so looking forward to it!

    Thank you all for stopping by :)