Friday, January 8, 2010

New to the world of blogging! Yay!

I wanted to create a blog since a long time ago, but I'm such a lazzy person, AND A VERY BUSSY ONE TOO, my little one keeps me running to say the least...right now my back is killing me because she was kicking me while I was trying to create my account. I succeded as you can see!

This blog is just to share some of the things I like and inspire me, my toughts, ideas, creations, stuff about being a mom, and so on. Why in english? well, to beging with, I know my grammar sucks, so be prepared to endure a bad writting, but also feel free to correct me on that, I will apreciate it. The main reason for writting this in english is because I have noticed that I get a flow of ideas so much more creative when I writte on this language, I know it's weird, but it is also true! And, as I am living in this country, I want to practice my language skills.
This doesn't mean i won't writte in spanish, i will when i feel like it.
Maybe I'll write a blog in french when my french is not too crappy.

Well, thank you for taking the time to read my first entry, it was a bit short and boring but i need to go to my girl who is in need of my attention!


  1. I adore you both! You are the cutest little things ever!
    Congratulations for this blog, I know this is the start of many many interesting, smart and edgy posts!
    Te amo

  2. hahaha well... english sux more than your english xDDD dont worry, is a good idea to learn more :D and I hate the english ¬¬...why I write you in english!? O.O

  3. Excellent!!! ugly I will practice my English, to see if I learn