Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Gift

Have you seen all those wonderful pictures of beautiful packaging and gift wrapping and all that stuff lately? I've been hunting those images and drooling over them. I just found this new wave of packing hand made goods and gifts so adorable (visit my board "Empacando" on Pinterest to see what i'm talking about). This is my first attempt to beautifully pack something and i think it looks pretty good!
Can you guess what's inside? well, this lovely package is on its way to Ireland to Millie, the winner of my giveaway! So my lovely summer bunting is inside :D
I wish you a nice day!


  1. Parezco niƱa chiquita esperando recibir novedades de tu Blog "Mademoiselle" por favor necesito un update!!!

  2. Gracias por estar tan pendiente Werita!! te mando un fuerte abrazo!!