Monday, October 4, 2010

Puces Pop

Hi there! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was really nice, we had such a great time at Puces Pop on Saturday (and then at the zoo on Sunday, first zoo visit for the little one! photos soon). We got to know so many talented, local artist and see their cool handmade goods. Here are some of my faves!

One of my favourites of Puces Pop, Pollen.

Pollen. Mustache.Brooch by Pollen.

Mynta Jewelry. She is such a talented jeweler. I loved all her stuff and what a cute little baby she has :)

Meduse Necklace by Mynta

Sweet Marie of MarKhed Design

Tourmaline Quartz Pendant by MarKhed

The Butter Flying (LePtitPapillon) and her wonderful rainclouds!

Stormy Sky cloud mobile by The Butter Flying

Lovely Shannon of Coucou Salut, one of my favourite booths of Puces Pop

Lucy, stuffed plush by Coucou Salut

Jennifer Lupien, her family and her wonderful work. Her embroidered illustrations were some of my favourite things of the fair.

She also makes this adorable and cool baby slings, awww. Visit her blog for more details.

Other artists i loved were Aurelie Grand who is an illustrator and i wrote about her work before. There's also Jack Dylan, an illustrator too. We bought a couple of his posters but i can't show them to you because there are gifts for some friends ;) but be sure to visit his website because his work is really awesome.
I also loved Bespoke Upraising, super cool screen printed textiles with original illustrations by the artist, who also happens to have a lovely blog here.
It's so cool to get to know and personally see the work of all this amazing Canadian artists. I completely recommend them all!
Hopefully i'll get to sell on Puces Pop next year! that'll be awesome.


  1. I can see you being part of an exposition like that soon! You're talented too!

  2. Awww gracias Ijclivi :D si, si, si! espero pronto vender mis joyillas en un lugar asi, me encantaria! Abrazos!!!!

  3. Iveth! You are so lovely, I'm so lucky to have you as a friend! Thank you for youe blog post and I agree, you are so talented too!

    Te quiero!


  4. Thanks Iveth, it was so nice to meet you on the weekend. :) Lovely post, and I'm happy to be included! Hope to see you there next year!

  5. waooo how exciting! sometimes i wished i lived in the us or canada so i could could participate in all those indie craft fairs + meet all the artist i so much admire... but then i remember it's always sunny here :)

    back to my point: great post iveth. i loved the booths that you featured!!!

  6. Thanks Marie, Shannon and Mayi! So glad you liked the post!
    Mayi, you comment has me laughing, so cute!
    Hey Mayi, you should register for one of this kind of fairs and travel all the way up north, you know, just for fun!! i'm sure everybody would love your pretty accessories over here!

  7. iveth don't temp me... hehehe. i'm really one nanosecond away from doing something like that next year. maybe the renegate fair. i really wanna go to ny or sf. it would be such a magical experience for me to get to know all those artists i admire so much + share experiences. you're right i have to do it! and we should plan to attend one together so we can finally meet sweety :)

  8. Iveth, Thank you for featuring me in this great recap of Puces Pop! It was a great fair, I am happy to be mentioned in the company of these other creators of lovely things!

  9. Hehehehe well you should definitely do it Mayi, it'll be awesome and nothing would make me more happy that attend a fair like those as a seller! we'll see...
    So glad you liked the post Solange! it was great to get to know your wonderful jewelry at puces! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  10. hey! I was there too!!!! and I LOOOOOOOOVE luv luv pollen too!!!!!!! :) nice blog, will keep on coming! :)

    I hope to be in puces pop soon too!!!!!!

    ps. you speak spanish???? where are you from?

  11. La joyería de Marie es maravillosa. La he visto muchas veces en Etsy y en Pinterest... ¡me encanta!

  12. Norma ha sido un placer conocerte! espero nos conozcamos en vivo muy pronto!
    Ana, Marie ademas de talentosa es una persona super chida y gracias a sus catedras pude abrir mi tienda etsy! i owe her big! que alegria que conozcas su tabajo :D abrazooo!